The holding company of RAG-Stiftung was founded in 2014 and regards itself as a longterm partner of medium-sized companies. In line with this profile, the company is implementing a buy-and-build strategy for its investments in successful medium-sized companies. 

RSBG SE, a wholly owned subsidiary of the RAG-Stiftung, primarily invests in companies whose products and services are playing a significant role in global changes in the areas of demographic development, climate change and new technologies.

The business development of these companies is thus less strongly impacted by the possible consequences of economic and political crises. Against the background of current trends in global markets, in the future RSBG SE together with its partner companies from the SME sector will focus more strongly than in the past on special expertise in the areas of digitalization, Industry 4.0, cloud computing, cybersecurity and big data management.


Majority Holdings of RSBG SE

Minority Holdings of RSBG SE